2013 - Payroll Year End Webinar Highlights

Terri_Ex_Small We brought in the New Year with the Payroll Year End Training Webinar. How exciting is that? I’m sure a few better things come to mind. Not for me! Elen and I loved it!

The 22 plus live “attendees” passed all the “Pop” Quizzes I threw at them! We have the smartest customers!

Actually, I’ve heard that several of our “attendees” were really a bunch of you watching together. I love that! All the payroll folks together, hearing the same thing and making their own notes! Talk about working smarter. WAY TO GO!

And don’t forget. Your opinion matters. Let us know how you want the software to pay off vacation balances in June. Start by sending the answers to the questions below to your Escape Customer Care Representative.

• Is this functionality you would use? • Do you currently allow projections on any leave balance profiles? • Do you currently grant vacation annually (at the beginning of the year), or month by month? • Would you expect budget to account for the leave pay off amount? • How would you expect/like this functionality to work?

In closing, don’t forget that you can watch the recording later on this year, from Online Resources - Webinar Information on in the year to refresh your Payroll Year End skills.

Thanks again and we’ll see for the next webinar on Valentine’s Day for Position Control Budgeting!