Windows 8: We've Got You Covered!

guineapig-redoMicrosoft released its latest OS version to the masses recently, and boy is it a dramatically different way of using your computer!  As a brave member of QA it seemed prudent I should volunteer to be a guinea pig for this new software, to see how Escape Online behaves on it. I have now been using it for about a month. I'm happy to report that Escape Online is performing great!  While I have a learning curve to deal with (as illustrated below), it hasn't even paused in its processing - it's still going like gangbusters!

Navigating the new start menu (it's an entire screen, now, not just the start bar) sometimes makes me feel like one of those hamsters in the plastic ball running around on the floor - banging into walls and getting stuck at the edge of furniture:  I can see that I can get under the couch, I just...(bonk) can't...(bang) quite...(bong) reach...(bonk!) it!   For example, I plainly see the little square box with the picture of headphones on it, which is labeled "music", but when I click it, where is my music?  It's imperative that I listen to tunes so I can bliss out while putting the Budget module through its paces (I know!  I said "bliss" and "budget" in the same sentence!).

There's also a host of apps that have (temporarily, it turns out) taken the place of my beloved Word and Adobe Reader.  When I double-clicked on a document I was presented with just that -- the document.  Oh, you wanted to search and edit the text?  You wanted to print it?  Silly girl.

Thank the gods of technology for our own Mike Long, who has helped me navigate the maze of Windows 8 and get all of my issues with it resolved (got Norah Jones crooning in my ears at this very moment!).  Just like with anything new there's a learning curve, and I'm glad to say that I'm now embracing Windows 8 for its boost to my productivity and the panoramic desktop displays.