Friday Feature - Testing STRS Files

Friday Feature LogoLast week we talked about testing W2s; this week it is STRS' turn. With all of the changes coming at you from AB340, now is definitely the time to test your STRS file before uploading the "real" file. And, of course, Escape Online is helping you out with all of this, providing timely updates for AB340. While you have had the ability to generate STRS test files for many releases, now it is more important than ever.  And, it is so easy. Check it out!

STRS Test Task

All you have to do is select the Generate Test task in the STRS Processing activity and Escape Online is going to prompt you for a reporting period month, type (supplemental or not), and organization (optional if you are an all-org user).

But that's not all. Escape Online is also going to prompt you for a location to save the file.

But wait there's more.  Escape Online is going to write a history record listing the period, type, org and user Id of the person who generated the test file.

Once generated, you can upload that file to the STRS web site to make sure everything is perfect, giving you that piece of mind to make the final cut.

As Huell Howser would say, "Amazing!"

(Stay tuned for next week, when we discuss PERS test files!)