Friday Feature - Manual Seniority Ranking

The fabulous news this year is that some school districts are hiring again! So, for the next couple of posts, I am going to talk about the Employee record. Escape Online provides great flexibility in the Employee record. As you can imagine, with over 300 organizations tracking over 100,000 employees in Escape Online, we need to have a variety of ways to accommodate employee management tasks.

In particular, we have several ways to track seniority: automatic granting based on assignments and addons or manual tracking by employee, job class or FTE.

In this Friday Feature, we are going to discuss the manual method. Check it out.

Seniority Fields on the Employment Tab

Seniority Fields on the Employment Tab

The simplest way to manually track seniority is to use the Seniority Date field on the Employment tab of the Employee record. You can search and report on this date.

But what if you hired 10 people in one day?

No problem. You can use the Seniority Rank field to qualify each employee for that date.

But what if you want to differentiate between different classes (Teachers versus IT staff versus Administrative Staff versus Management)?

Again, no problem. If you wanted to manually track seniority by job class, then you would bypass the fields on the Employment tab and go straight to the Seniority tab of the Employee record. Check it out.

Defining Seniority on the Seniority Tab

Defining Seniority on the Seniority Tab

As you can see here, the Seniority tab is chock-full of options. I can base seniority on position, FTE, addon, job category/class or academic department.

Then, within those options, I can add a ranking. So if the district has around 500 high school teachers, I can rank the teachers from 1 to 500, using a random or matrix methodology, whatever is defined by the district.

Of course, the manner in which a district implements and uses seniority is unique to each district. It is up to your district standards which manual method you use.

On the other hand, if what I have described here sounds like too much manual data entry, have no fear!  Next week, we will be discussing the automated seniority feature of Escape Online.