Friday Feature - Automatic Seniority

Last Friday we discussed how to manually track seniority for employees. While this is a great feature, Escape Online has another great way to track seniority that is automatic. This automated method calculates and creates seniority records every time you process payroll. It is easy to set up and easy to use.  Check it out. Seniority granting is controlled through the employee's assignments and addons and the job category to which they are associated.

The automated method creates detailed transaction records of an employees’s seniority based on the hours and days of assignments and addons, adjusting for time off due to leave of absences.

Employee Seniority Records

Employee Seniority Records

These are the seniority records for a Child Care Assistant.

They have these records because their job category (Daycare) is setup to track seniority by hours.

Notice how there is a seniority record for each month, tracking the number of hours worked in that month.

If this employee had two assignments that both tracked seniority, you would see two records for each month, one for each assignment.

There are several ways to define seniority:

  • The Single and Academic Department methods calculate the earliest date for paid assignments.

  • The FTE method calculates the earliest date and highest FTE for paid assignments.

  • The Hours method tracks both assignments and addons. For assignments, it compares the pay cycle period dates to the calendar paid days to calculate how many paid days this assignment had during the pay period and then multiplies that by the hours worked. For addons, it checks the employee's pay detail to get the exact time worked.

Job Class Seniority Setup

Job Class Seniority Setup

No matter which method you select, though, Escape Online factors time worked, cancelled assignments, assignment changes, and backdated assignments.

Every time you process payroll, these records will be created and posted to the Employee record.

No manual intervention necessary!