Friday Feature - Classifying Receipts

Friday Feature LogoEverybody loves to receive money. School districts are no different.  There are a lot of reasons why schools receive money: insurance payments from retired employees, developer fees, facility use rent, and the ever so lovely - donations. Receipt Types LookupSchools not only receive a lot of small amounts throughout the year, they also receive them in a variety of ways: checks, cash, bank cards, etc. Escape Online helps the business office receive the money and track the type of receipt.  Check it out!

Here is a graphic of the lookup for all of the receipt types you can use to classify the money you receive. This list was developed with the input of our customers, portraying their real life needs for classifying receipts.

In fact, let's look at the LIVE data from one organization in one of our county customers. For the fiscal year 2013:

# Receipt Type Amount
1,019 Checks $4,392,494.26
23 EFT $227,170.84
31 Cash $4,652.02
18 Cash/Check $14,381.14
1,901 $4,638,698.26

This classification of receipts allows district offices to quickly accept payments, reconcile deposits, and make corrections if necessary. They can use Escape Online's list, grid or reports to get detail on their receipt processing, even exporting the data to Microsoft Excel for some in-depth analysis.

And that is something everybody loves.