2013 - Position Control Budget Webinar

MM900356605 What better way to start Valentine’s Day than to jump right in to Position Control Budgeting. I felt so much love showing the new Budget changes from last year to this year. We had over 47 connections for this webinar and most of our customers were viewing together using one connection! Now that’s what I call “sharing the love”!

Our customers have the BEST questions!! Like this one from Randy, “I see the PERS new member contribution for AB340. Why is it set up with 5% and another one for 6%?”. The answer: The EPMC amount can differ per Organization. For example, one Org contributes the full 7% (classic) or 6% (new member) portion of the employee's amount. Another Organization may contribute 6% and 5%.

For all the questions and answers, sign into Escape Online 5 – Online Resources- Webinar Information for the Q & A follow-up and recording.

Thanks to all who attended and Karen Wiker for running the chat box!

See you next time!