Favorite time of year

Yes, it is one of my favorite times of the year! Why, because I enjoy the middle of Winter? Perhaps the joy of oncoming tax return preparation? I think not. This time of the year is special to me because we work with our customers to review certain statistics for the previous calendar year. There are many metrics in our business. But the most important to me personally are how the lives of our users, and employees of the districts, are being affected. I enjoy reviewing these statistics, customer by customer, to get a feel of what the users are accomplishing with Escape Online 5.

One measure of this is the counts relating to Payroll/AP activity, by our users. Take a look at this table.


You can see that our system, via our users, generated nearly a million and a half “documents,” those being ACH advice, paychecks and AP checks. This resulted in over six billion dollars of transactions. For the first time, the system paid over 100,000 employees in a calendar year.

We know this level of activity has a huge impact on people, because ours is the most automated Payroll system available to California education. Going back to the first county-wide implementation, that county reduced their end of month processing time from two days to four hours!

And now with our email ACH’s, that processing time has been cut significantly as well. Take a look at those 684,221 ACH advices. Of those, 153,844 were emailed to the employees! That’s savings in the hundreds of thousands for our customers, easier for employees, not to mention being very “green.” I'm sure this percentage will grow every year.

Our hats are off to all payroll users and system technicians involved in processing payroll. Job well done!