Maxing out in the retirement department

Following on yesterday's post about our 2012 payroll numbers, today we look at retirement figures. If you know anything about California school districts, you know that our payrolls are literally some of the hardest in the entire country. How many companies have come to our state and attempted to modify their system to suit our STRS/PERS requirements, only to fail? A lot. Once again, our users have created an amazing story. Let's take a look:


Almost four billion of earnings reported! Well over half a billion of contributions. All these contributions generate files that go to STRS and PERS with individual "lines" of data. How many? An amazing 1.3 million of them.

But my favorite measure here is the very tiny percentage of manual adjustments made. This shows how well our automated payroll processing is really working. Escape Online 5 doesn't merely allow you to report retirement, 98% of the time it has made all of the correct calculations and done the work for you. I doubt any other system can make a claim like this.

And this automation has a direct effect on our users, giving them time to do other productive tasks. Numbers might be boring to some, but to this numbers guy, they are so very exciting.