Why Testing is So Important (A Real World Example)

FRIDGEWe are a hairsbreadth away from being finished with v13.1 unit testing. Things get hot and heavy towards the end, here, so I'm pretty much living and breathing testing. So much so that I expect others in my life to be thinking the same way! This example proves what happens when they aren't... My home was built in 1956 and has only had a few upgrades. Previous owners have not been creative enough to install a water line for their fridge (which resides in my dining room because the kitchen is so tiny) so my dear Dad and boyfriend Brad conspired to do just that for me one day last week. I went to work with visions in my head of fresh filtered water and ice cascading into my glass.

I arrived home to a proud Brad, cup at the ready, to show off the work he and my father had completed earlier. With a flourish, he placed the receptacle under the spout and pushed the lever. Water shot from the top of the fridge! We looked at each other in shocked silence, and then I asked, "What the heck happened?!" Brad said he didn't know, that the ice maker was working fine (pointing to ice in the ice maker) so the water should work too, right? My next question, appalled, was, "You mean you didn't TEST it?!"

Well no, they hadn't. Later Dad said he thought I just wanted the ice maker to work (why in tarnation would I only want half the appliance to work?) so he didn't think to try the water dispenser. He made the 45 minute drive back to my house the next day and, thankfully, they resolved the issue in about 2 minutes.

These life lessons of mine come with me to Escape: I want the software to work for you all the time, every time, so when I test, I think of every possible way you might try to use it so you don't have any unexpected surprises!