Friday Feature - Auditing Records and Fields

Friday Feature LogoChanges matter. When working with public funding or personal information, it is important to keep an audit trail of field level changes (like a social security number in an employee record or the number of items ordered in a requisition) and processing events (like the denial of a requisition or the generation of a PERS retirement report). Escape Online has this audit process built-in.  Almost every activity includes a History tab where "old" and "new" field values are stored and processes are documented.  Check it out.

Here is a LIVE example of a completed requisition's history (with changed user names). Starting from the bottom, we can see that an account amount was changed, precipitating a change notice and a warning that the threshold was exceeded. The requisition went on, though, proceeding through year end processing and (at the very top) having two checks printed for payment of the goods.

Requisition History

On the HR/Payroll side of the software, here is an amusing example for fans of the old TV show, "Alias Smith and Jones," of how Escape Online keeps track of name changes in the Employee record.


Depending on the record and where it is in the processing cycle, Escape Online writes history records to help you audit the fields and processes that are important to your district's integrity and standards.

Now, that's change you can count on.