The Reports Report

Okay, this is my last "favorite time of the year" post. We have examined payroll numbers and retirement numbers over the past couple of days. Besides getting paid, what do our users like best? Running reports it seems! Once again, we have phenomenal numbers to consider across the board: 2012reportsnumbers

So our users ran nearly 2.4 million reports, 96% of them completed (server time) in less than 10 seconds. In fact the average across all these millions of reports was 2.35 seconds. I'm really excited to see that we have 4,853 users running reports! So many great people being served by our system. Not to mention so many reports available - 684!

reportgraphicAnd don't forget that each report appears on screen in our powerful report viewer. Only a fraction of reports are printed, and then only the pages that users need actually on paper.

Of course we are expanding our base to ever more users. Next year's numbers will be even more exciting. Thank you again to all our users: it is a pleasure to serve you and work with you.