Your Turn - Robert Gadbois of Monterey COE

Robert from MCOE Our customers are fun, and every once in a while I get to step out from behind the documentation and really get to know one. In our occasional series, called Your Turn, I interview customers, asking them about their use of Escape Online in their everyday business.

One of our largest implementations for 2012/13 is Monterey COE and their districts. Carole Williams, the Escape Project Manager, came across an individual going the extra mile for users being trained on the Escape Online system there.

I would like to introduce you to Robert Gadbois. Robert produces a monthly newsletter that is helping users become proficient in using Escape Online and improving accountability. Robert is an Account Clerk IV for Special Education Funding and Finance in the Finance and Business Services department.

LESLIE: How long have you been using Escape Technology Software?

ROBERT: Since last year, sometime in June 2012 when we began entering requisitions in Escape. I still enter some requisitions. I had several thorough training sessions with Escape Technology (Carole).


LESLIE: I have read your monthly newsletter about Escape Online. It is fun and full of facts. What prompted you to write the newsletter?

ROBERT: The Special Education Department has several school sites with 11 Escape users that enter requisitions. I used to enter requisitions for all sites under our old financial system. Once MCOE starting using Escape, school sites were responsible to enter them. The users were trained by Escape Technology, but had lots of questions in the beginning. My supervisor wanted frequent e-mails going out as Escape questions were coming in to “share” the answers. I did do two e-mails, but then it clicked with me to do it in a newsletter format and that is when the Special Education Funding & Finance Escape On-Line Newsletter began, in August 2011.

LESLIE: What has been the response from users to your newsletter?

ROBERT: There has been great feedback from my newsletters and the users have stated the information has been very helpful to them. Here is some of the feedback I have received recently:

  • Thanks, Robert. Very informative and tips I will definitely use!
  • I always enjoy your newsletters. There is always something helpful and they are so beautifully put together. =)
  • This is full of pertinent information on the Escape system delivered in a friendly format for all users.

I am so glad to play an important part at MCOE in getting the information out to Escape users. I really enjoy doing the newsletters!

LESLIE: Have your processes changed since being introduced to Escape Online? In what way?

ROBERT: Absolutely! One of the best things that has happened is the omission of paper going from one desk to another. Now when requisitions are submitted by school sites, they are approved on-line and we always know where they are! And now requisitions cannot be submitted if there is insufficient budget available, making the school site responsible to track their funds!

LESLIE: What is your favorite feature or report?

ROBERT: I am responsible to follow-up and remind managers to approve requisitions, and I like the Approval Aging Report with its user options. The snapshots of requisitions showing the history and payments are so helpful; no need to search around on different screens or go through several reports!

Thanks to Robert for his time and commitment!