Employee Spotlight: Ginny Garcia

Ginny GarciaGinny Garcia is the third support analyst we have hired in the last few months. We are introducing all of our new employees via the Employee Spotlight style. Ginny joined Escape in January 2013 and is our latest addition to Escape Customer Care, coming to us from the Business Office of a local school district that uses Escape Online. A graduate of UC Davis, Ginny also worked at a California COE. She is creative and likes working with her hands, well versed at using a paint brush, a skill saw and a nail gun. She enjoys camping (roughing it in a tent!) every summer with her family.

What is your favorite part of working for Escape? — The people. Some amazing minds work here and everyone goes out of their way to be team players.

Can you give us a quick play-by-play of your average work day? — My average work day for the past two months has included training, training and more training. I am excited to be assigned customers and put all that I’ve learned into actions that will positively contribute to Escape users’ experiences.

What have been some of the highlights of your career? — The highlights of my career include the people who I have met. I have forged life-long relationships with some of the incredible people with whom I have worked.

What are your favorite activities or things to do when not working? — My favorite thing to do is spend quality time with the people I love. I am happy to do almost anything as long as I am doing it with someone I care about.

Where are you from originally? — I grew up in Red Bluff…a small town located a couple of hours north off of I-5. Most of my family still live there so I visit often.

If you weren’t a Customer Care Representative, what would you be? — I would be a non-fiction writer who passes the days on a white sand beach in Hawaii with my laptop, a big sun hat and a margarita.

What is your favorite food? — Mexican/Margaritas…yummy!

What is your ringtone? — The iPhone default. I usually have my ringer off and rely upon the Rrrr Rrrr of the vibration to alert me to incoming calls and texts. I know…not very exciting or original but it’s effective.

If you could meet one person, who and why? — Rather than meeting them, I would like to just observe the classical Greek philosophers. I would like to be a fly on the wall during Socrates’ trial and then observe Plato as he put Socrates’ life and theories into words. The original philosophers were very deep thinkers and Socrates (according to Plato’s works) was an amazing conversationalist. I would love to personally witness what led up to the hemlock death sentence that was imposed upon Socrates and the ensuing aftermath that led to Plato’s extensive writings.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? — The ability to control time. I feel that there is never enough time to spend with the ones I love and there are some moments that pass too quickly…I would slow those moments and delight in every single millisecond.