Merry Year End Closing!

A lil' Christmas ornament nestled amongst my summer vacation gear
A lil' Christmas ornament nestled amongst my summer vacation gear

Can you imagine what it’s like for a musician to make a Christmas album?  In order for it to be available to the masses in time for the Christmas season, they’ve got to be singing away in the recording studio in June or July.  It must be really surreal to be belting out the words to ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ when it’s actually 100 degrees out there!

Well, I know how they feel.  It’s only March right now, but I’m ensconced in the season of Year End Closing; I’m already thinking about rolling forward those reqs and invoices to 2014 and creating closing journal entries.  And even though 13.1 cut into programming time for this release, we are still getting out some helpful enhancements to you to make your year end a little brighter.

For example, CR 11519 ensures that manually added accounts in Closing JEs are assigned the appropriate Trans Type.  And you can see that Trans Type now, thanks to CR 11260, because it added Trans Type to the JE form.  Even better, you can see who added or changed those accounts (or amounts) because of CR 11339, which displays the Created/Edited By and Created/Edited Dates for the JE Items.  And yes, these changes affect all Journal Entry types!  Finally, when you go in to post those closing journal entries or create your starting balances, you won’t have to wait for the history records to load all those account roll forward messages anymore, because CR 11411 introduces a history snapshot that makes loading those records faster than Rudolph can fly!

You know what?  I have it better than those musicians trying to get in the Christmas spirit in July.  Because, ultimately, I get to think about summer vacation!