Friday Feature - Budgeting Addons

Here we are on the last Friday of March and the last feature regarding budgeting. But don't be sad. Spring is in the air so we shall rejoice in the budgeting of non-positional pay or what we like to call Addons. In Escape Online, addons define any employee pay that does not come from position assignments. Examples are stipends, longevity, furloughs, bonuses, coaching, and substitute pay for non-regular employees. Obviously, addons affect an employee's pay and retirement. And, obviously, addons need to be considered when budgeting.

As you probably guessed, Escape Online automates the budgeting of addons. Check it out.

Budget Entry Addons
Budget Entry Addons

Here is an example from a LIVE database. The graphic shows the line items for a Teacher that gets one stipend for acting as the Department Chair and another for having a master's degree.

The Department Chair is an addon that is associated with the EMPLOYEE, regardless of position. You can see that because the position number is zero (0).

The Master is an addon that is associated with the employee's POSITION. You can see that because the position number is the same as the teacher line item.

The Budget Management activity picks up all of this information when you load from HR/Payroll. Very easy; a simple task selection is all you need.

But what if there are addons that are associated with employees that you do not want to budget? Addons like bonuses and coaching, addons that lend themselves to a single budget line item instead of employee line items?

No worries!  Escape Online has you covered there too.

Check it out. Here is a LIVE example of a Coach addon.

Budgeting Addons Setup
Budgeting Addons Setup

As you can see, the "Include in Budget" flag is set to No. This tells Escape Online to exclude this addon from budget calculations. Then districts can manually enter a figure for all of the coaching stipends, which is much more appropriate.

This level of control let's your budget blossom beautifully!