Your Turn - Mass Add of Evaluations

Your Turn LogoListening to our customers is important. We love it when customers provide feedback on newly released features. Recently, we received the following email concerning the Mass Add Evaluations feature released last year. This new HR feature allows users to create a list of employees and, using a simple task option, create an evaluation record for each employee on that list. Just wanted to let you know I did a mass add on evaluations for classified employees and it worked PERFECTLY! I pulled the batch and deleted those employees that had already had an evaluation submitted because I did not want to double up and I checked that probationary employees were not in the batch, added my criteria and finally posted the evaluations. It worked!!! This is going to make my job so much easier every year!!!

~ Nancy, Personnel Clerk

Thanks Nancy! We are working on several more "Mass Add" features that we are sure you are going to love.