Friday Feature - Supplemental STRS Files

Friday Feature LogoAs the auntie of an uncountable number of nieces and nephews, I can tell you that getting them all to stick to a deadline is an almost impossible task. It seems to be one of life's little quirks that whenever you try to get everyone to do something by a certain time, there are always one or two stragglers. Certainly, this can be the case when a county with numerous districts tries to gather data for retirement reporting. That is why Escape Online gives counties the ability to create a supplemental STRS file, holding back an organization (or two!) from the regular file and submitting to STRS as a supplemental. (While this Friday Feature focuses on moving an entire month for a single organization, the ability to "move forward" also works for pay cycles — using a flag — and for retiree line items — from the STRS editor.)

Check it out!

Move Forward DialogTo move an organization's retire info forward one month, is as easy as selecting the Move Forward task from the STRS Processing activity. You will be prompted for the organization to create a supplemental file.

Move Forward ListOnce you process the month, there are two ways to see quickly that a supplemental file has been created. We show an asterisk next to the month.

Move Forward List OrgIf you want a more detailed look, you can open the year and see the list of organizations. The org you moved forward (or created a supplemental file for) is also marked with an asterisk.


This feature is great for keeping the county on track for reporting retirement, saving time and money, and reducing penalties!