What Just Happened? Why is Everything so Slow?


Keeping the house clean sure can put a damper on all of the other work we all need to get done every day.  The same can be said in computer environments.  The tools we use to keep our PCs and networks clean from foreign programs and network traffic can have a dramatic impact on overall performance.  This exact scenario played out recently here at Escape.

In an effort to protect ourselves and our customers from malicious attacks, Escape implements a strict network security and antivirus policy.  Recently a major update to our anti-virus software had an extremely negative impact on our Escape Online 5 software product.  The scanning engine of the new anti-virus software was scanning all of the data as it was transmitted between the application servers and the clients.  This resulted in a 200% decrease in performance.  Once the culprit was identified as the system security software, action was taken to eliminate the issue.

The first step is to add the Online5.exe to the safe processes exclusion list in your security/anti-virus software.  This is normally done from a centralized security management server and pushed/pulled down to the clients.  Second, you will want to add the following processes that run on the application servers themselves:





Online5.exe (for the client application)

The Escape Online 5 application (both server and client) only has the ability to pass information to and from itself so there is no real risk of the application contracting and/or passing along viruses to other systems.  The exception to this is if you upload an infected file from your PC to a server via the client.  This being said, if you don’t have system security software installed on all of your systems you really should consider it.

*It is very important to not only add these files to the file exceptions list, but also to the process exceptions list.  This will ensure that work is being sent and received over the network and locally on the system without the interference of antivirus software scanning.