Friday Feature - Position Account Retro

Change happens: the State of California alters funding and local governments adjust budget resources. These changes often result in account changes — new accounts, new account balances — that affect position control. Making a change to a position account is easy and, of course, Escape Online will use the new account from that time forward.  But, how does an HR Technician update the position accounts that have already been paid?


They use the Position Account Retro activity. Check it out.

Position Acct Retro
Position Acct Retro

The Position Account Retro activity allows you to make changes to positional accounts for prior periods that have already been processed through payroll.

This means that you can correct positional accounts without having to create manual journals!


As you can see, you can define which accounts to change and what they should be changed to, as well as the time frame.

When you post this, Escape Online fixes the accounts for assignments in the most recent fiscal year. Escape Online then searches for employees with those assignments. Then, Escape Online creates a journal entry to correct the general ledger AND payroll detail.

This means that you will see the changes in payroll labor and fiscal reports, AND you can load them into budget as actuals for a Revised Budget Model.

Now that's change you can embrace.