Friday Feature - Cash Roll Forward Journal Entries

It is the first week of May and Year End Closing is on everyone's mind. Therefore, I am dedicating the month of May Friday Features to year end. The first in this series is about the Cash Roll Forward JE task in the Fiscal Year Status activity. This optional task is very powerful. It allows you to roll forward cash independent of other year end processes, providing users with cash in the next fiscal year before the fiscal year is closed.

Of course, accounts must exist, especially resource components, in the next fiscal year. Otherwise, this amazing feature is as easy as a click of the mouse. Check it out!

Cash Roll Forward
Cash Roll Forward

This simple task is available for individual organizations (e.g., districts) or for the whole county.

Once you select it (with a verification prompt), Escape Online writes a journal entry line item for each resource / cash object combination. (The Cash object and its Offset are defined in the Ledger tab of the Organization record.)  Obviously, the date of the journal entry is 7/1 of the next fiscal year.


While this feature is not for everyone (we also support tentative budgets that provide money for the next fiscal year), we have several customers using the Create Cash Roll Forward Journal Entry task with great success and little effort.

Beside the creation of the JE, there is one extra step required: you will need to roll back the cash balance JE (another click of the mouse) before you create the starting balances for the next fiscal year.