Friday Feature - Creating Calendars

Every calendar year is different. That seems like a simple statement, but when you start talking about creating new calendars for employees, that statement can sound daunting. Not with Escape Online!

When we first started supporting school business back in 1992, we knew that creating new calendars each year was a task that begged for automation.

So we made it automatic!

When you copy a calendar from one fiscal year to the next, Escape Online automatically sets the new fiscal year and “moves forward” the contract begin/end dates and any “exception” dates you defined.

But that's not all.

We also knew that some dates move and some dates don't. So, we created a copy option for you to decide how to implement the logic for what will move and what will not.

  • If you put a zero (0) in the last column of the date, Escape Online keeps the same month and day in the next calendar year.
  • If you put a one (1) in the last column of the date, Escape Online moves the date to the closest same day of the week in the same month for the next calendar year.

To truly see the power of this, let's take a look at a Classified 10 month calendar, a basic calendar in most districts.

Calendar Copy
Calendar Copy

Let's review the  highlighted lines:

  • Staff Development - This is a one. This is always on a Monday.
  • Thanksgiving Break - Now this can go either way. You can enter a one to keep it always a Thursday, OR you can enter a zero to keep the same date because it moves from one week to the next and you will have to fix it anyway.
  • Christmas Day - This is a zero. Christmas is always on December 25, period.

Now you may think this doesn't have enough days for a calendar, but that is because we know that every school business calendar relies on the work week.  You only need to create "days" for the exceptions!

Now that's some smart year end automation.

To truly take advantage of this automation, we teach customers to use a naming standard that does not include fiscal year. This way they can enter the name of the calendar in all job category and class records only once!