13.02 - Your Ticket to Leave Balance Payoff and More!

vacation It’s release time again!  13.02 will be available to install early next week.  Like all of our releases, 13.02 is full of great features but it also includes many year end enhancements.

One particular enhancement included in 13.02, that I hear some customers have been patiently waiting to receive, is the ability to payoff leave balances.  Leave balance payoff works just like leave docks, but instead of a negative adjustment, it’s a positive one.  The setup is pretty simple, you define the addon that you want to use for payoffs in the Organization record and any Leave Balance that should payoff is defined in the Leave Balance Profile setup.  Now, when leaves are posted, a payoff will occur on the employee's last earning period of the fiscal year.  A payroll adjustment is automatically created using the defined addon and a leave adjustment is created to bring the leave balance to zero.

There are lots of other goodies in the release, over 110 in fact!  The whole Escape family worked long and hard to get version 13.02 ready and in the hands of our customers in time for year end tasks.  The 13.02 Release Review with Terri Hammond is scheduled for June 6th.  Invitations will be going out soon, make sure you sign up!