Team Work at Monterey COE

Monterey COE Logo“Carole, Carole who?” you ask. As many of you know for the past 18 months I've been working with the Monterey County Office of Education on their implementation of Escape Online 5 and as a result the Monterey peninsula has become my home away from home! Phase 1 of the implementation comprised 6 organizations, including the county office, and went live in July 2012. Since then I've been working with the COE on Phase 2 which consists of 19 districts and is scheduled to go live in July 2013.

Since this is such a large project I recently enlisted the help of a few other Escape employees, Gayle Lucas and Terri Hammond. While I've been meeting with districts one on one for pay compares, Terri has been handling all of the finance training and meeting with districts individually to assist with their budget development. In fact here she is working with Tim Ryan, Superintendent from Mission Union SD and Joyce Reese, Financial Analyst from the County office.

Meanwhile Gayle has also been meeting with the districts to review workflow and user setup.

Monterey COE

Monterey Peninsula USD joined the project a little late, but has jumped in completely. I have been very impressed by them. When I was working with HR last month, I heard LOTS of excitement about Escape Online. They especially liked the ability to attach files to the Employee record, and how Escape Online handles education, evaluations, subjects and seniority records.

From the COE, Phillip Davis and Reyna Arreola have started the Site Training that will continue through June.

Now that’s team work!

There is still much to do before July but everything is coming together and looking good for going live in July.