Friday Feature - Only Uncompleted Flag

I am a big fan of "working lists." At the end of every work day, I make a list of tasks I have completed and list of tasks for the next day. My whiteboard has a list of tasks for the month. This deep-rooted need for working lists is why I love the "Only Uncompleted" flag in the Vendor Requisition search.

Vendor Requisition Search - Only Uncompleted Flag
Vendor Requisition Search - Only Uncompleted Flag

The Only Uncompleted flag allows you to focus your list on only those vendor requisitions that have not been cancelled or completed.

In other words, requisitions in the Open, Submitted, Approved, Denied, Printed, Ready for Payment, and Check Pending statuses.

As you can see, it is as simple as setting a flag to YES. What a fabulous feature for Year End or any time.

For Year End, this flag allows you to work your requisition list BEFORE using the Year End Closing activity, letting you get ahead of the game.

For any time, you can use this flag in conjunction with the Requisitioner field (requisitions created by you that are not yet done) or the Buyer field (requisitions assigned to you that you are still working) or any of the other three dozen-plus fields on the Vendor Requisition search.

Now that's a list worth making, and a list worth working!