Friday Feature - Favorites 1-2-3

Friday Feature LogoOk. Ok. I know I have already written four Friday Features about favorites: Search Favorites, Default FavoritesEmployee Favorites, and Updating Favorites. But, just like my children, I find new ways to love them each and every day. And, today's new way to love favorites is to reorder them.

So, as you know, you get 20 favorites for each search and each report. If you are like me, you take advantage of this and have numerous favorites for every activity and report.

With so many favorites, there are bound to be some that get used more often than others. And, there are some that are bound to get used more often at different times. Like right now is year end. I bet you have search and report favorites for year end. I know I do, several of them.

So I move them up the list so that they are at the top of my menu, as my 1-2-3 favorites.

Renumber Favorites 1 We are all familiar with this screen, but let's have a quick review. Each favorite is associated with a number that defines where it is on the menu.

What you may not be familiar with is the arrows (circled in red) that allow me to reorder my list.

Now I always want My Purchase Orders to be #1 on my menu, but I am constantly moving different favorites to the #2 spot. Really, whatever is my fancy at that time of year.

All I have to do is highlight my favorite and click the arrows to move it up and down the list. Like so. Renumber Favorites 2I really like this a lot. It keeps what is important to me at the top of the menu.

Others may memorize all the numbers and never want to change because they use quick starts. (You number-people know who you are!)

For those of us that are not as number-oriented and prefer to use menus, the ability to move search favorites up/down is definitely a feature to love.