Friday Feature - Journal Entries Across Fiscal Years

I attend all of Terri's Escape Online webinars. You might think that after 13 years at Escape (wow!) that perhaps I wouldn't go, but I find there is always something to learn, if not two or more things. So, it was no surprise to me that when I attended her Year End Webinar a couple of weeks ago, I learned how awesomely convenient it is to see multiple fiscal years on the journal entry list.

Journal Entry Fiscal Year Search
Journal Entry Fiscal Year Search

Check it out.

Let's say that I want to see all of the journal entries associated with a single requisition across fiscal years.

Super easy!

1. Go to the Journal Entries activity.

2. Enter the Requisition Number.

3. Clear the Fiscal Year field. (Escape Online defaults it to the current fiscal year.)

4. GO!

And just like that, lickety-split, Escape Online gives you a list, where you can readily see the requisition was originated on 7/17/09 (highlighted) and carried forward in 2010, 2011, and 2012 (first three lines).

Of course, the list also shows all of the encumbrances and expenses, too!

Journal Entry Fiscal Year List
Journal Entry Fiscal Year List