Friday Feature - Rolling Forward Leave Balances

Friday Feature LogoToday is the last working day of the fiscal year. For some employees, that means that if you didn't use all of your leaves — vacation, sick leave, personal — it is too late, that time is gone.  For others, the unused time rolls forward to the next fiscal year. The roll forward leave balance process in Escape Online is very easy with tons and tons of automation. Check it out.

All you have to do is select the Roll Forward Leaves task in the Fiscal Year Status activity. Escape Online automatically creates an appropriate "balance forward" transaction for every employee.

Let's take a look at the setup of two different LIVE Leave Balance Profiles to see how this works.

Roll Forward Leaves Max

One Limit for All. In this case, the Limit Carryover flag is set to YES and the Carryover Max field is set to 50, limiting all employees with this balance to 50 hours for carrying over.

Roll Forward Leaves Ranges

Limits Based on Years of Service. You can also create a matrix. As you see here, you can limit the number of hours carried over based on the number of years of granting.

  • Row 1. An employee working for the district for 0-4 years receives 8 hours every year, with the ability to carry over up to 2 years of granted leave (or 16 hours).
  • Row 2. An employee working for the district for 5-9 years receives 10 hours every year, with the ability to carry over up to 2 years of granted leave (or 20 hours).

Pretty tricky, huh?

Just imagine if you had to open every employee, calculate years of service, hours granted, and the carry-over limit and then make an adjustment.  That's one crazy imagination!

That's why Escape Online calculates everything for you.  With a click of the mouse, all of the calculations and balances and transactions are automatically posted for you!

NOTE: The Roll Forward Leaves task is time sensitive. You must do this AFTER June leaves have been entered and BEFORE July leaves have been loaded.