Your Turn - Penny Lauseng of Marysville USD

Our customers are fun, and every once in a while I get to step out from behind the documentation and really get to know one. In our occasional series, called Your Turn, I interview customers, asking them about their use of Escape Online in their everyday business. Penny  of Marysville USD

For this installment of Your Turn, I would like to introduce you to Penny Lauseng, the Director of Accounting at Marysville Joint Unified School District.

Recently, Penny sent an email to her Escape Customer Care representative, Jacque Santana, describing how her budgeting process went and declaring, "I absolutely love ESCAPE!!!!!"


LESLIE: When did you start using Escape Online?

PENNY: I became an Escape Online user when I was hired in December 2012 by Marysville Joint Unified School District as the Director of Accounting. The district is fiscally independent from our County Office of Education. I am also one of two system managers for the district.

LESLIE: As the Director of Accounting, how does Escape Online help you in your day-to-day tasks?

PENNY: Escape Online is an amazing system! I was somewhat apprehensive to learn an entirely new financial software system, especially with the role of system manager. The district migrated from Escape Classic last summer so no one in the district had much experience with the new system when I started.

I honestly have never thought of myself as especially “techie,” but with Escape Online being so user friendly, I have successfully learned to navigate and use the system to perform all of the financial functions necessary to run a fiscally independent district. Many of the folks in my office are already experts with Escape Online, so I depend on them a lot.

Also, Bryan Williams, our Director of Technology was instrumental in the setup of Escape Online for the district. He is the brilliant “techie” of MJUSD.

LESLIE: You recently posted your first budget in Escape Online, how did that go?

PENNY: The checklist provided worked well and I coordinated with our Personnel department to perform all the necessary tasks in a timely, sequential manner. Even with being new to Escape, and the occasional panic attack, it was personally my most satisfying budget adoption ever.

LESLIE: What is your favorite feature or report?

PENNY: The WEBINARS!!!! Terri Hammond is my hero. I actually was able to spend a day with her near the beginning of my tenure with the district and she walked me through everything I needed to successfully complete my 2nd Interim and 13/14 Adopted budget, not to mention the User Role Matrix info for my system manager role.

LESLIE: How is it working with Escape Customer Care?

PENNY: I work with Jacque Santana on the financial side and she is very competent and responsive. My payroll/benefits gals are completely happy with Julie Leaman as their “go to” person. Both Julie and Jacque are terrific assets. Geez, I’m going to sound like someone paid me to say these things, but I do believe in giving praise where it is deserved. Jacque and Julie deserve much praise for the outstanding service they provide to MJUSD.

Marysville JUSD has been an Escape customer since 1997. They have been great partners with Escape. In fact, one of their consultants during the implementation became an Escape employee: Susan Dickinson, our report developer extraordinaire.

And, no, we did not pay Penny for her comments, but it is our pleasure to have her and all of the Marysville JUSD as our partners!