Friday Features - The Beauty of Snapshots

Friday Feature LogoJuly is a beautiful month. The sun is shining and life is green. And Escape Online snapshots keep our world shiny and green. In case you are new to Escape Online (welcome!), a snapshot is a "quick" report of an individual record (e.g., a vendor requisition) that is generated by clicking the Snapshot button or selecting a task within an activity. Snapshots are shown immediately, a great time saver. They can also be saved to your workstation as a PDF or emailed.

What makes them so beautiful is the depth of information you can get with a click of a button. Check it out.

Beauty of SnapshotsHere you have a list of requisitions that are awaiting your approval.

There's some great information on the list but you want to know more, like who has already approved these requisitions and what accounts were used.

With a click of the Snapshot button, you get a choice of running a report for the whole list (All Requisitions) or just the one you have highlighted.

Snapshots can also be run from a task. For example, in the Year End Closing activity, if you run the Year End Processing Report snapshot from the Task menu, you get a big picture of all the items on your list, including account information for each requisition, invoice, etc.

Sounds great, but there's more.

Snapshot - Year End Logic

Snapshots can be smart, too.

There is logic built into the Year End Processing Report snapshot. So, if you run the report and there is nothing on it — meaning you have completed your review of all finance documents — then the snapshot unlocks the the Close Fiscal Year task, letting you move forward in your year-end processing activity.

So, snapshots are quick and smart and green, giving you lots of information fast without wasting time or paper.

Now, that's a beautiful thing!