Check99 Gets Some Enhancements

I've just completed testing some changes we made to the Check snapshot (Check99) and I thought someone out there might be interested in what will be released in v13.3. There were a couple of reported issues that were addressed with the integrated report. First, the option to search by fund (FD) was only looking at the check data, which contains just one fund code. We've switched it so that it looks at the accounts that are stored in the associated payments, thereby ensuring your requested check will be on the report even if it was comprised of payments using various funds.

Second, there were some complaints that when the report was run for all orgs, it sometimes timed out before the data could be retrieved and presented. An increase to the report timeout setting in v13.1 addressed part of that issue, but I was still able to get the report to time out when I asked for monumental amounts of data. I'm happy to say that with the new changes I've been unable to get the report to error. In fact, it's been dutifully grinding out thousands of pages in mere minutes! For example, I just asked for all checks printed for the first two months of last fiscal year for all orgs and I had the information in just about two minutes.

There were some bonus changes made as well. FD, Batch Id and Check# now allow the inclusion of wildcards. And the UserId, BatchId, and Scheduled Date range fields are used as qualifiers, not filters, so that means when you ask for checks with, for example, a specific Batch Id, the report will show you all the payments for that check, not just the payments that match the value you searched for.

Check99And here's my favorite change of all:  when testing the AP Checks activity I'd always get frustrated by the fact that when I clicked on a Vendor Payroll check I'd be presented with a blank report. Well, no longer! The report now displays the address information and the amount, along with a message that this is a payroll vendor check. (The integrated Check99 report still only prints AP checks.)

I've tested a patch for Check99 so if anyone is interested in getting these changes sooner than the proposed November release date of 13.3 feel free to contact your Escape Customer Care Representative.