Friday Feature - Following the Blog

Friday Feature LogoAs of this week, every Friday Feature ever written is now on our blog. We took the time to put the "archive" Friday Features on the blog so you can search through all of the Friday Features in one fell swoop. Now if you want to read the Friday Feature on Saving My Reports, written in August of 2009, you can!

Our blog is a great resource and we are always working (writing) hard to post more content that matters to you. We have more employees blogging too. You can get technical updates from John and Mike, and learn more about testing from Robin and Stephanie.

I am so excited about the growth and direction of our blog. I want everyone to benefit from it.  So, I am urging you to follow our blog.  It is really easy.

Follow the BlogAt the bottom of your browser should be a "follow" button. Click on it and enter your email address.

It is that simple.

Then, every time we post a blog — be it about a feature, a release, a training synopsis, a change to our installation process — you will be notified through email with a quick summary and a link if you want to read the entire article.