Friday Feature - Employee Requirements

I am happy to report that many of our customers are hiring new employees. Yay!  And, I am happy to report that Escape Online helps you enter all of the data a new employee requires.

First, if you are in a COE-wide implementation, you get to piggyback on the data already entered by other organizations in your County Office of Education. (Often times, even though an employee is new to your district, they have worked in another district within the COE.) Second, even if you are a district-only implementation user, we have lots of helpful features.

Let's start with the COE-wide user. You have the benefit of others already having entered credential and retirement information. So, when you create a new employee record for a teacher, if that teacher already has credentials in the system, Escape Online is going to "hook" into that and display those credentials automatically in the record you just created.

But that's not all.

If the teacher has an employee record in another district, Escape Online is going to "hook" into that teacher's retirement record and download a ton of fields for you, like (take a deep breath because this is quite the list!) first name, middle name, last name, address, home phone, cell phone, birth date, gender, emergency contact name, contact phone number, contact phone extension, contact relationship, emergency doctor, doctor phone number, doctor phone extension, and PERS member Id.

It is all based off the individual's social security number.

Employee Defaults
Employee Defaults

When you enter the SSN for the first time, Escape Online searches the database to see if any Person (retirement) records have that SSN, and if there is one, Escape Online loads the info.

(BTW, you can tell this is the first time I entered the SSN because (1) you can see the whole thing, and (2) the header of the record doesn't have a status or type or pay cycle or anything.)

Employee Requirements
Employee Requirements

But what about you district-only implementation users? Well, we have some helpful features for you too!

We know school business, so we know what information simply must be input.  We make those required fields.

Hiring new employees is always joyous. It's great that Escape Online can help make the data entry pleasant too!