Friday Feature - Searching for Employee Notes

Last week, I talked about hiring new employees. On a related note (pun intended), I would like to talk specifically about employee notes. Admittedly, I wrote about Using Notes for Productivity before, but employee notes are really in a category of their own. (Now, I am getting really punny!)

Employee category is just one of the unique features of Employee Notes.  In fact, employee notes are the only Escape Online notes that support categories. That's because there are so many distinctly different types of information that HR personnel want to keep in the employee record — health and welfare, termination, general, physical, leaves, and payroll, just to name a few.

The other unique feature of employee notes is that those categories can be used to control access to particular information. For example, notes concerning health and welfare are very often restricted to a few users.

But wait there's more!

Searching for Emp Notes
Searching for Emp Notes

Another great feature of employee notes, and the topic of this Friday Feature, is that you can search by them.

For example, I have access to the GENERAL category and I use that category to track AmeriCorps volunteers.

I can search for all employees with a Note Category of GENERAL and the Note Contains "AmeriCorps."

The "note contains" means that AmeriCorps can appear ANYWHERE in the note.

So, when I press GO, I will get a list of employees with the word AmeriCorps in a note with a GENERAL category (and that match all of the other criteria I entered).


NOTE: Employee categories are defined in the HR/Payroll-Setup-Employment Codes-Employee Categories activity.