The Case of the Missing Fiscal Year

CSIRosevilleSummertime for everyone who works in the education field means lazy days sleeping in, drinking iced tea and enjoying the sunshine, right? Okay, I hear you laughing all the way over here in my Roseville office. Anyone who has ever worked with school business knows summer is a busy time as one fiscal year ends and another begins. And there’s nothing more frustrating than cruising along smoothly and stumbling upon a roadblock of the prior fiscal year being – gasp –unavailable!

Jacque, I should know this! But I can’t copy this journal entry (or requisition or invoice) to last fiscal year. Please help!

This is an email I get from many throughout the summer, so don’t feel alone when you’re sitting at your desk, shaking your head and thinking, “I don’t want to send this question. WHY do I not remember this?”  I mean, really, give yourself a break. It’s an issue one time during the year and with your brain trying to wrap itself around the new funding formula for California education, who can remember these small details?

Here’s a quick reminder of where to look if this happens to you!

The department record controls when you can stop entering documents for one fiscal year and begin entering for the next fiscal year. Your first step is to open up that journal entry/requisition/invoice and find the department.


Now go to Finance-Setup-Department-Departments and open up that department to see how it is setup. Here we find why we can’t copy a journal entry to 2013 – this department shut off the creation of journal entries for that year as of August 15. Today is August 30. In order to be able to copy (or create) a journal entry for 2013, we’ll need to change this date.


If you get this far and the date is set to a future date, the next step is to go to System-Setup-Fiscal Year and make sure the prior fiscal year is still open! Maybe someone out there thought everyone was finally done and they could put last year to rest.


This should solve the case of the missing fiscal year. If the year is still open (as it is in the screenshot), the department is set to allow the creation of new documents, and you still can’t copy that document to the prior fiscal year, give your Finance representative a call or e-mail.  We’re also known as software detectives – so we’ll find a solution for you!