Friday Feature - Direct Payment Import

Sometimes you just want to pay the bill. Escape Online supports this through direct payments. With direct payments, you don't have to create an invoice.  You can just pay the bill. Then, sometimes the bill comes as an online invoice with a bunch of line items that screams for an import. Escape Online supports this too! The Direct Payment Import is a very handy tool for quickly importing multiple payments. For example, we have one customer that needs to pay child care providers and they use direct payments.  Another uses it to pay vendors contracted by sites through their ASB accounts.

Check it out!

Here are the items from a CSV file.

Once I receive the file from a vendor (or enter the data in Excel myself), all I have to do is select the import file, specify whether my file has account numbers or alias and save/close.

Really, that is it.  Escape Online automatically verifies the import items.

Now, I can quickly review (and fix if need be) the items and with a single click of the button import those payments.

Escape Online is going to treat these like any other payment, so they are included in AP reports, 1099 processing, you name it.

Now that is some awesome efficiency!