Retirement Setup and Reports Webinar

Everybody loves to talk about retirement and this webinar delivered. It was ALL about employee retirement setup, making corrections and reporting to either PERS or STRS.  It was a fun webinar with 48 ??????????????????????????????????????????????customers in attendance. There was a good group of Payroll users, but the majority of attendees were County and District Retirement users. What I liked best was how Elen managed the chat box even after I surprised her and our customers with 3 BONUS slides. The users got a “sneak peek” into the upcoming release v13.03 changes for the Employee Management activity Retirement form. If you didn’t get to see the bonus slides be sure to check them out through Escape Online 5 – Online Resources – Webinar.

The updated Power Point, Recording and Questions and Answers will be available the following Tuesday after the webinar.

Thanks again to Elen for running the chat box and to all our customers for making Escape Online 5 the best retirement system!

See you all at the next webinar, which will be held October 10 on Multi Year Budgeting.  You can sign up today or wait for an invite.

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Until next time!