Friday Feature - Line Item Comments in Receipts

Friday Feature LogoLast week I was working on a new tutorial for the Enter AR Receipts activity (scheduled for v13.03) and I came across a little tidbit about line item comments that I thought was pretty darn neat. Here's the scenario: you get a lot of parent donations. I mean a lot of them, and they are all personal checks. Most school districts use a two-step process to deposit the checks. First, they deposit the checks into a revolving or clearing fund. Second, when the checks clear, the district writes a check to deposit into the county office of education bank or treasurer.

Depending upon the school district’s procedures, the receipt for this revenue can be created in the software at either step. Some create the receipt in step 1, while others create the receipt in step 2. In either case, the line item comment is for you!

Check it out.

Receipt Line Item CommentsYou can write a separate comment for each line item. (Of course, Escape Online defaults the comment from the receipt to the the line item comment where you can customize it or not. This is a nice feature that allows you to customize how you want the receipt and subsequent journal entry line items to look.)

Here we have an example of how you could customize a large donation receipt with the individual information about each check (or line item).

And, here is the really cool part. Those comments are going to transfer straight over to the line items of the journal entry.

Check it out.

Receipt Line Item Comments in the JEAs you can see in this Journal Entry snapshot, the line item comments we entered into the receipt have been transferred to the line items of the journal entry, giving us the ability to search for individual donations and find them in the larger receipt deposit.

Now that is a nice and tidy way to manage your small item revenue!