Another Great Day at Monterey COE!

There are some customer trainings that leave me feeling so good that I have to blog about it! Yesterday at Monterey County Office of Education was one of those trainings. It was a budget site training for all their districts. We had a full house to say the least.

The users came ready to attend a Finance User Group at the county and stayed for a budget refresher course. I was the lucky Escapee who was there to greet each attendee. To my surprise I was met with hugs and lots of smiles. Maybe it’s the ocean breeze that makes these users happy and ready to learn? They came with great questions and left with a better understanding of the interim budgeting process.

The picture below is Phil Davis, Business Systems Support Coordinator, leading the Finance User Group in a packed training room. Kudos to the Business Support team for putting on a great user group/budget training.


I know their users got a lot out of the day and I know I enjoyed being part of it!

Thanks again for having me.