Yuba COE Kick-Off Meeting

yubaAs I announced in June, we are so excited that Yuba COE has joined the Escape XCOE family! Since then we have been working closely with the COE staff on the implementation plan and project planning.

Now that the planning is over it’s time to bring in the districts and get things going. So, last week we held the project kick-off meeting and provided a full day overview of the Finance module on Monday and an HR/Payroll overview on Tuesday. As we do with some of our projects, the implementation responsibilities will be shared by two Project Managers at Escape. Carole Williams will manage the HR/Payroll implementation and Gayle Lucas will manage the Finance implementation. Mike Waldorf will be acting as the Project Manager for the COE.

Now that the kick-off and overviews are done, we are moving on to system setup and core training.