The Name Has a Face

Another great week of training at Monterey County Office of Education. One thing I love is going to a customer’s site and hearing how awesome our Escape support staff is. I also love how customers always want to know what their support person looks like. So, I’m happy to show them our website and the Meet the Family page to show all the faces of our Escape Team.

The Monterey Payroll and Business Support group was so excited that they wanted their support person to see their faces and asked me to take the picture below. They wanted to say hi the only way they knew how. It was such a nice way to bridge the gap between our electronic world and having face time. Everyone was happy to have a face with a name.

I love how Escape reaches out to get face-to-face, person-to-person with our customers.


Left to Right: Phil, Reyna, Karen, Susan, Bei, Linda and Suzette from Monterey County Office of Education