Friday Features - Employee Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Fields

Fingerprint Fields

I recently mentioned that I just moved. Well, that included selling my house. During the process, we were required to give our fingerprints. It made me wonder about the fingerprints. Of course, school employees are required to give their fingerprints and Escape Online helps you track this requirement in several ways. This week I am going to discuss the fields related to fingerprints in the Employee record, and next week I will cover the reporting requirements. As you can see, there are a lot of fields you can use to track fingerprints.

The first three fields are pretty basic. They let you define the type of fingerprint, the date of the fingerprint and any comment you need to make about the fingerprint. The type of fingerprint is defined at the time of implementation. This can be custom to each implementation. At a minimum, most of our customers differentiate between classified, certificated, and volunteers.

The DOJ and FBI Clearance fields are date fields, where you can enter the date the employee received clearance.

The last three (NLI fields) are for No Longer Interested Notification. Here is a snippet about NLI Notification from the State of California's Attorney General Office:

California Penal Code section 11105.2(d) states, in part, that any agency which submits the fingerprints of applicants for employment or approval to the Department of Justice for the purpose of establishing a record of the applicant to receive notification of subsequent arrests, shall immediately notify the department when employment is terminated or the applicant is not hired.

It is the responsibility of hiring/approving authority to notify the Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis when employment has been terminated or when an applicant or volunteer is not actually retained to the position for which they applied.

Pretty serious stuff!

That's why Escape Online has over a half-dozen fields dedicated to the tracking of your employees' fingerprints. And, of course, all of these "fingerprint" fields can be exported and searched upon.

Next week we will talk about the reporting of these fields to the DOJ.