Friday Feature - Fingerprint (NLI) Reporting

Friday Feature LogoLast week, we talked about all the fields you have in Escape Online to track fingerprints. This week, let's take a look at the export process for NLI (No Longer Interested) reporting. So, we learned last week that it is the hiring agency's (district's) responsibility to report to the Department of Justice when an employee is no longer working at the district.


Escape Online makes this super easy with a dedicated activity that creates the file for the Department of Justice, according to their regulations.  All you have to do is fill out the batch form, export the file, and send it to the DOJ.  Check it out.

If you actively use the fingerprint fields in the Employee record, creating the file is as simple as selecting two tasks: loading the employees (so you can review the list) and then generating the file.

pic_news_ff_NLIListEscape Online loads all employees in the organization that have the NLI Required flag set to YES and do not have a date in the NLI Reported Date field of their employee record.

You can review the list of employees, which displays the Employee ID, employee name, status, type, termination date, person type, fingerprint type.

Once you are satisfied, all you have to do is select the Generate NLI Batch task. Escape Online creates the file, writes the current date to the NLI Reported Date in the Employee record, and creates a history file in the Employee record.

Now that's some easy fingerprint reporting.