Kudos to Petaluma City Schools by Tina Rodriguez

TinaSonoma County’s second largest district has now joined the Escape team. Hooray! The main Petaluma district and their three additional charters all converted to Escape this past spring, during a fast paced, 6-month conversion to all of the Escape activities. The Petaluma district and charters have a combined ADA of about 7481 with about 87 district office and site users and approximately 1100 employees.

We started the conversion process in late January with HR, moved to Payroll in March and then finished at the end of June with the Finance activities. Usually there were about 3-5 core district office users involved in the training at any one time, depending on the activity.

I was so pleased to see how positive and willing the users were to learn another system and manually convert a major part of their data. The Petaluma folks used the manual data conversion to review their current processes and verify the new setup matched what they actually wanted to gain from the conversion to Escape.

Throughout the actual trainings I kept hearing the comment “It really does that?” They were amazed at the intuitiveness of the system and how any one module worked so similar to the other modules. The availability of Escape reports that immediately met their needs was another big plus for them.

This post was written by Tina Rodriguez, Business System Support Analyst, Sonoma County Office of Education. Escape Technology appreciates and encourages our customers writing guest blogs. Thanks Tina!