Friday Feature - Stale Dating AP Checks

A week and a half ago, I picked up my mom's car from the mechanic. She wrote a check to reimburse me.  I stuck it in my purse and promptly forgot about it. Honestly, I don't write checks, I don't deposit them, I don't even think my checks have my correct address. Seriously. The point is, in this electronic wonderland that we live in, there are a lot of people out there like me. And that is why school businesses need the ability to stale date checks. (FYI. A "stale" check is a check that has already been reported, but has not been cashed for some period of time, usually 6 months.)

Check it out.

I went into a LIVE (scrambled) database and looked at their list of stale dated checks for last year. For one organization, for one bank account, there were 40 stale dated checks. Now, a third of those checks were for less than $50, but it added up. Indeed. It added up to $11,076.18. That's not chump change.  It is a book order, a district cell phone bill, or a district water bill.

Stale Date List

Stale Date List

Thankfully, Escape Online gives you two ways to stale date checks: one at a time or by creating a list.  Both are really easy to use. Let's look at the option for stale dating checks using a list.

All you have to do is click GO.  Escape Online automatically searches for all checks that were printed earlier than the Stale Days Count* and have not been cleared. (Of course, there is a ton of search criteria for those of you that do not "clear" your checks. Using the search criteria, you can create a perfectly stale list!)

Once you get your list, you can see that the "action" defaults to Stale Date (in green in the screen shot), but just like all of Escape Online's other lists that perform actions, you can defer the action using a lookup.

Once you have reviewed your list, you can click your mouse and stale date all of those little checks people forget about and save yourself some big money by crediting the stale date account and debiting cash.

The ability to stale date checks is essential to recapture those funds that are sitting out there unspent, and that is something no one wants to forget about.

*Escape Online lets you define the time lapse for determining if a check should be stale dated. The number of days is set in the Stale Days Count field in the Bank Account record. Note that the stale date account and cash object used for the offset are also defined in the Bank Account record.