A Witch, Fortune Tellers, Detectives, Oh My!

Another Halloween has come and gone here at Escape. How fun it is to work someplace that not only allows but even encourages us to dress up! halloween2011This year the Finance group joined in the theme fun as Software Detectives. Missing fiscal years? Missing accounts? Out of balance journal entries? These gals are on the job, following the clues, and solving the mysteries. Can you tell which famous detectives they've dressed up as?

The HR/Pay group went with a Gypsy Fortune Teller theme. They'll look in their crystal ball, read the cards, and tell you where the software is headed in the future to make YOUR jobs easier.

We also had a Blast from the Past Tap Dancer tapping his way into your servers to answer your technical questions, the Good Witch of Escape working her documentation magic, and our Cowgirl wrangling up the customer care group.

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