Friday Features - Email ACH

Last week I was talking about this wonderful electronic age and I mentioned that I never deal with checks. That is because I receive my paycheck electronically. Actually, it is an ACH that is emailed to me, letting me know that Escape Technology has transferred my pay into my bank account. Escape Online can do this too! We have several customers using this setup and they love it. Just read what  Joel Toste at Placer COE had to say or Stephanie's account of how it was installed at Ventura COE.

As you can read, this is an awesome feature. It is secure, safe, reliable, and saves you money. Let's look at some of the setup.

Organization Setup for Email ACH
Organization Setup for Email ACH

In the Organization record, each organization in a COE implementation can define their own email information.

Of course, organizations can default to what is set up for the system, or they can get personal, like having a unique subject and an individualized intro for their emails.

Also, depending on how your system is setup, the file that goes to the bank can have several organizations combined or each delivered separately.

Employee Setup for Email ACH
Employee Setup for Email ACH

On the employee side, HR can individualize employee settings: turning on/off the email ACH, identifying which email address it is delivered to, and specifying what the PIN is.

This gives HR a ton of flexibility for those employees that keep forgetting the PIN option set up for the district.

I know I love getting my paycheck electronically and based on customer feedback so do district employees. And, that is wonderful!

NOTE: Obviously, it requires Escape Support, system managers and other technical/business support staff to ensure a secure and smooth rollout. If you want to implement the email ACH functionality, please contact Escape Customer Care.