Friday Feature - Sort Options for W2s and 1099s

For the last few weeks, we have been focusing on W2s and 1099s. Now we are in the final stretch with W2s and 1099s needing to be delivered to their respective recipients in three weeks from today. So, in this last article of the series, we will take a look at the sort options so you can print those W2s and 1099s in the way that best suits your workflow.


Let's start with W2s.

The most common method for printing W2s is zip code for bulk mailing. But some districts prefer to print by Site for delivering directly to the sites. Some small districts just print by name because they know who everyone is and it is easier to hand them out that way.


The same type of options are available for 1099s.

Again, the most common method is to print by zip code for bulk mailing, but, again, Escape Online provides two other options: address name and Vendor ID. (The address name would be the name in the address that is marked as 1099 in the Vendor record.)

Both of these Print Sort Option flags are available in the Organization record.

As you have read over the last 7 weeks, Escape Online is dedicated to making the 1099/W2 process as straightforward as possible.

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Happy W2 and 1099 processing!