Release Ranger: Jennifer Is Now a Product Manager

JenE_SmallI first came to Escape in 2001 as a Customer Care Representative. (That seems so long ago.) As the years passed, I dabbled in different areas like testing, supervising, creating reports using Crystal and project management, but I never strayed far from support. In 2008, I began managing Escape Customer Care. While my specialty was on the HR/Pay side, managing both sides of the software allowed me to learn a lot about Finance. I also had the pleasure of working with many of the customers.

One reason I enjoy working for Escape is that there is flexibility in the job. If you see an area in the company or software that needs attention, they are open to someone taking it on, even if it isn’t in their job description. Which leads me on to my new adventure as Product Manager!

This is a new position within Escape so it will evolve as time goes on. Using my experience from managing Escape Customer Care, which revolved around incidents, I am going to apply what I learned to managing CRs (Change Requests) and the release cycle. My new position will include many tasks, like reviewing the specs, assigning a release version, creating efficiencies by grouping similar CRs, coordinating large changes, managing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and working with Escape Customer Care to gather customer feedback.

I am excited to start on my new adventure!  And, I am excited to tell you that you will meet the new Escape Customer Care Manager tomorrow.