Merger Management: Stephanie is the New Customer Care AND Testing Manager

Steph_SmallI had the great fortune of joining the Escape Team in 2007 as the QA Coordinator. Prior to my hiring, the formal testing position had been put on hold for several years. During that time, everyone would roll up their sleeves and put on their testing hats to get software tested and out to customers. For a few years after coming to Escape, I was the lone testing ranger with a lot of testing help from Customer Care along the way. That is one of the things I love about working at Escape, we all jump in when help is needed! Things at Escape are always changing and evolving so that we can try and be the best we can be. Recently we have added a few new positions and moved a few resources which created a new opportunity for me: I am excited to be moving to the position of Customer Care and Testing Manager. In the past six years in Quality Assurance, I have learned a lot about the software, the database, the application server and our customers. The relationships that I have built with Escape team members, my testing experience and my investigative nature will help me be successful in my new role.

I have some big shoes to fill, as Jennifer Escamilla has led the team to greatness, but I am looking forward to the challenge ahead!